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Fee Guide

  • Innova Dental £ Maidenhead 01628 778877 Innova Dental

    If I could give them 10/10 I would. Superb service for an out of hours emergency, state of the art digital technology and extremely professional same day on site service. From a broken tooth on a Friday evening to a fully complete & new digitally designed & manufactured (on site) bespoke fitted crown before lunchtime on the following day. Thank you for such excellent service.

    - Frank Viljoen - Rating Star
  • Innova Dental £ Maidenhead 01628 778877 Innova Dental

    Had work done for an injury. Very friendly and walked me through all the work i would have done. Arranged for me to get emergency work done on a sunday, saving me a days pain.
    Fast ,efficient and very professional work that's left me with a crown that looks no different to my original tooth.

    - Alistair Warner-rowley - Rating Star
  • Innova Dental £ Maidenhead 01628 778877 Innova Dental

    Recommended to Dr Sehra by a friend. I must say I was very happy with the service. I am always very nervous about going to dentist, but felt I was always treated with the utmost care and attention, so I found the whole experience very positive. I was in and out in a timely manner and even had the chance to discuss more dental options I have over the long term. I would be very happy to come back to the practice.

    - Mani Singh - Rating Star
  • Innova Dental £ Maidenhead 01628 778877 Innova Dental

    Excellent work by Dr Sehra and his team, Nina and Rachel, all very professional. Especially impressed by his crown making machine, evidently there are not many of these in England, I was expecting to wait weeks. Will be back later this year for some implants, I expect these will be equal to the work done so far.

    - Bronowski - Rating Star
  • Innova Dental £ Maidenhead 01628 778877 Innova Dental

    After having real bad toothache and not getting any luck, I called acorn and they got me in within the hour, by ten pm we had identified the problem and a wisdom tooth needed removing. The doctors were extremely understanding and agreed to sedate me. I don't remember anything, I didn't feel a thing. Absolutely the best dental experience I've ever had. Highly recommended.

    - Matthew Robinson - Rating Star

Fees correct from December 2015

Dental Examination £45.00
Specialist Consultations
Implant & Prosthodontic consultation £125.00
Periodontal consultation £125.00
Orthodontic consultation £60.00
Oral surgery consultation £60.00
Facial aesthetic consultation £30.00
Oral Hygiene & stain removal
30 minute Hygienist visit £45.00
Air polish £25.00
Tooth whitening
Home whitening £295.00
Zoom! Power chair whitening £495.00
Ceramic Fillings £95.00
Extractions £90.00
Root canal treatment
Incisor or canine £250.00
Premolar £350.00
Molar £450.00
Porcelain bonded £450.00
crown Full Porcelain £595.00
Emax Crown £750.00
Crown Gold crown £750.00
Porcelain veneer £595.00
Emax Porcelain veneer £750.00
Teeth straightening (per arch)
Six months Smiles £2,000.00
Clear fixed braces £2,100.00
Invisalign £2,450.00
Implant (including crown) £2,200.00